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  Harderwijk Fun-Event: "Blijdatikglij"
28-04-2024. In the Netherlands it is tradition that on the birthday of the King all over the country funny and sportive activities are organised. One of the most famous activities of this is called "Blijdatikglij". This is a sportive activity for which teams build a special sledge and boat. With the sledge and boat on it the go down a ramp and than sliding over the water a certain distance untill a bell they have to hit. When going down the ramp the competition time is started by passing a lightbeam. The teams can stop the time by hitting the bell hanging above the water at the end of a long rope. The team finishing correct and hitting the bell in the shortest time is the winner of the competition. More then 3000 spectators visited this event. Specially for this type of competitions PB-Event has wireless transmitters to start and stop the Race timer standing on top of the ramp. The video for this can be seen on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi0rUzBz1YE

Canoe-Polo tournement in Helmond
29-03-2024. During the Easter holliday 2024 the watersport association of Helmond, the Helmvaarders, organised their traditional Canoe-Polo event with teams from all over Europe. For this event 5 "fields of play" have been sett out on a canal. Here the Canoe-Polo competitions are held. On all "fields of play" Race timers of Eraton were installed in order to keep track of the time to play the competition. For this the Eraton Race-timers  were used with a horn connected in order to give the signal of "end of play". Click on the picture to download the video of this event.


New MyLaps transponder timing system for PB-Event
21-03-2024. After working many years with all kinds of transponders for timing activities PB-Event now also has acquired a transponder timing system from MyLaps. The system consists of a number of ProChip Timer Go chips, a ProChip Decoder, supporting equipment and several possiblities of software for different kinds of sports. The system will mainly be used for Shorttrack and Longtrack speedskating on ice, but can also be used for cycling, running and all kinds of other active sports. For Shorttrack and speedskating we have our own transponders available which can be attached to the ancle of the skaters by a velcro band. For cycling the transponders can be attached to the fork of the front wheel of the bike. For other types of activities, like soapbox races etc., special solutions to attache the transponder can be created. It is also possible to do Timing activities in events where the athletes have their own MyLaps ProChip which has been bought or rented. An attenne loop of wire must always be placed on the floor, on the road in the snow or in the ice for detecting the transponders and make up the timing of the event. The system can be used together with our Photo Finish system in order to create a perfect timing- and back up timing system for all active events. In case our Graphics software is also connected we can deliver live timing and results graphics for use in live stream video or broadcast television.


Camera-1 broadcast quality now
17-02-2024. During the ISU Junior World Cup Shorttrack, held 17-18 February 2024 in Heerenveen our camera nr 1 was for the first time fully equipped in operation. The Black Magic Design broadcast camera generation 2 was completelly equipped. The professional Zoom-demand and Focus-demand were connected to use these functions in the best way. The new viewfinder monitor of 7 inch did a good job and also the wireless transmitter was connected into the system. Together with the 16x Fujinon Zoom lens it is a wonderfull job working with this system. The camera is used, together with 4 other fixed position cameras, for recording the images for the Video Replay system in use by the referees and for the Live stream video which was made available on the the website: www.Shorttrackonline.info. The ISU Junior Worldcup is an international competition for national junior teams with over 200 races in 2 days. Camera operators were Jan van Berkum and Jan van't Wout.


Volkswagen Crafter Van for PB-Event
15-01-2024. It took 17 months of waiting but in january 2024 our new Volkswagen Crafter Van has arrived. It is a special one with a double cabin and seats for 7 persons. Besides this it is a long version in which a lot of equipment can be taken by us to the events and competitions all over Europe what we work for. In a few weeks time we already have driven a few thousands of kilometers among others in the Netherlands and Belgium but also to Pontebba in Italy for the StarClass competition Shorttrack. In the backside of the van also working tables will be made so that we during the summer can do also Timing, Video or Audio equipment operating inside the van. The van has double isolation against heath, cold and noise cancelling. Also 220 Volt mains supply is available in the van to operate equipment.


Wireless Full duplex headset Intercom system
27-12-2023. As the communication during events is getting more and pore important. We started using a full duplex headset intercom system from Holyland. The system is used during competitions for the communication between officials and also for Video prodecutions for communication between operators of camera's, production team, sound and light operators. The system in use is the Hollyland Solidcom M1 intercom system. In consists of 8 wireless beltpacks and headsets which in futre will be extended unto 16 headsets. The system can be splitted into 3 groups which communicate together and can also be extended with wired intercom systems like Clearcom system etc.


Broadcast Camera upgraded with wireless transmitter and receiver
02-11-2023. Our most important video camera the URSA broadcast G2 has been upgraded with a wireless transmitter. With the Cosmo C1 from Hollyland it is possible to use the camera at maximum distance of 350 meters wireless. The system can be used with a HDMI or a SDI signal and in a maximum resolution of 1080P60. This is a perfect solution for many sport events were it is difficult to lay out cables in or around the field of play. Also it is possible now to sne dhand-held camera's into the mixed zone or field of play to make directly interviews with sporters or officials. Also many events are runned with 5 or 6 camera's which in future also will be equiped with wireless transmitters and receivers
. This will make it much more efficient to sett up a video system for an event with less work of rolling out cables.


Video Replay System for Shorttrack speedskating
01-10-2023. Video Replay is getting more and more important in the sport these days. Specially for shorttrack PB-Event has developped a Video Replay system with special software which has the possiblity to registerl the time stamps of the referees during the competition. This makes it possible to directly after a race to run a review of the moments of the time stamps in slow motion and take decissions about the occurred situation. The referees on the ice can use a wireless device to give the time stamps, the video referee sitting at the outside can also do that and can prepare the video clips to show it to the referee. After the decission is taking the correct video clip and decission can be transferred directly to scoreboard, video screens and also directly to the livestream and to the television commentators and broadcasters signal. The Video Replay is for many sports an important upgrade in making the correct decissions about competition situations.


New Photo Finish camera from Finishlynx
27-09-2023. In september 2023 we started the new Shorttrack season with the use of a new Photo Finish camera from FinishLynx. After using the old Etherlynx camera for 16 years we now changed to the newest version of this high quality timing and Photo Finish system. The new system can do 3000 frames per second what makes it the most accurate timing system of the moment. The system can work in combination with 2 or more camera's in order to have a view from different ancles what makes it possible never missing an image necessary to connect to the correct time of the competition. The camera will be used this winter season for among others the ISU Junior World Cup competitions Shorttrack.


Professionel Broadcast Video Camera for PB-Event
09-03-2022. As the Video activities of PB-Event are getting more and more we have upgraded our main camera by taking in operation the Black Magic Design URSA Broadcast Generation 2 camera. This newest broadcast camera just arrived in the Netherlands and PB-Event as well as the Dutch national television NOS were able to receive the first examples of this camera. The camera will be used for the video productions PB-Event is doing as well as for the live-stream productions we are doing for Shorttrack speed skating, Dragonboat events etc. The camera is working completelly in 4K, SDI and can be used for all levels of professional video productions. A big viewfinder monitor is on top of the camera and professional Zoom and focus demands are in use also.


PB-Event taking over Rental Department of Eraton Race Timers Company
01-01-2018. The Dutch company Eraton and PB-Event have decided to start working together in close cooperation. Eraton has been for more then 40 years the producer of the famous Eraton Race Timers and Timing equipment. Eraton Race Timers can be seen at all big running events in the world. Eraton has been renting out the clocks for many years and also has sold thousends of the famous Races Timer of the EM-serie.The rental of the Eraton Race Timers and Timing equipment will from now on be provided and organised by PB-Event. The Eraton Company will support this in the back ground with technical know-how. Research, Development and production will continue in the Eraton company in Weert in the south of the Netherlands. PB-Event can also be contacted for Sales and Trading purposes of the Eraton Race Timers all over the world.



  Triathlon Veenendaal now also with video on LED-screens and live-stream on internet


  Outdoor LED-screen on a movable trailer  
  Indoor LED-screen for PB-Event  
  Diamond League Athletics Shanghai
Over a period of 17 years PB-Event has done the Event Presentation Management and Stadium Production for the Diamond League athletics in Shanghai.
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